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to federal and state grants and prop k funding our primary source of funding for the next three-five years is the 2011 road repaving and safety bond. this is a break down of the funding and you can see there is $50 million that was specifically for street scape, pedestrian and bicycle safety. the projects have been selected for that money but the pedestrian high injury corridors were used to help select those projects. it was also the first time we did follow the paving effort where we looked at streets being repaved that fell on the pedestrian and high injury corridor map and included improvements, not only for pedestrians but for bicycles as part of that. we also worked closely with mta and city planning in developing those projects.dpw's schedule is driven by our goals. for repaving the goal is up to 70 by the tweer 2020 and current leer we're at 65 and we're are trying to make sure to hit that target in about seven years from now. our ramp program uses the ada transition plan to help prioritize locations. the focus is on requests from the disabled, access to public facilities, and
more of them through the prop k which is the local half cent transportation sales tax five year plan update that the agencies are about to start working on, so i will start my presentation now, but this is just the beginning of the public comment that will be coming into the agencies and coming into your offices and also our offices about what folks want to see funded with their local half cent sales tax for transportation in the next five years and also with the pr double a vehicle registration funds who folks that registered vehicles in san francisco pay every year along with the general taxes that are also paid. i noticed anna had one of the pictures in her presentation as well. if we could bring up the powerpoint presentation on the screen so viewers at home could also see the reference to the funding programs that the authority manages and when i mean they're programmed by the authority i mean programmed by the transportation authority board so these are the board of supervisors and their capacity wearing their other hat if you will as the transportation authority, so one of o
a clear vision how to put together the program of projects so what we're looking for with the five year prioritization programs is moving in the right direction to link transportation investments and the efforts of the pedestrian safety task force with safety goals and prop k is flexible in that regard. it can fund basically all of the transportation infrastructure improvements that you heard discussed today. tomorrow you have continental walks and safe to routes program and next month curb signals and curb ramps. we leverage federal and state grants for all of these projects so it's a very flexible source and for the categories that are programs, so they're not specific projects like the trans bay terminal or central subway. these are traffic calming, pedestrian crossing and upgrades and require a five year prioritization program, and they these involve -- they require actually. it's in the voter approved expenditure plan that tray require a methodology for all of the categories and require a five year program of projects and this is for all projects that agencies anticipate request
service byteleso >> next filmmaker ken burns talks about his latest documentary, the central park five. hilly inton talks about state women's rights. after that, cheea clinton moderates a panel of women entrepreneurs in technology. award winning documentary film maker ken burns was featured speaker at the national press club lunch and discusses the completion of his latest project called "the central park five." it tells the story of five african-american and latino teenagers who were wrongly con victed of raping a female jogger in new york city's central park in 1989. the documentary premieres next tuesday on pbs. this is about an hour. >> good afternoon, and welcome to the national press club. greling-king la and a reporter for bloomberg news. we are the worrell's leading professional organization for journalists committed to our profession's future through programming with the events such as this. while fostering a free press worldwide. for more information about the national press club please visit our website to donate to programs offered to the public through our na
will jump to the five year prioritization programs because what is happening right now is we're approaching year five of the current five year programs and so we are working to update them with the agencies and these are agency lead efforts that are ultimately adopted by the authority board and we're anticipating that to happen this fall. these are required and what the voters approved 2003 where each -- you need to be able to have a clear and prioritization methodology for each of the prop k programs so for traffic calming how are the arterials prioritized for these locations? what are the methods to make them rise to the top and for the of the categories as well and what it does translate into is a five year program of projects with specific projects identified with cost information, scope, schedule, budget, including the non prop k funds, so there is a transparency to the effort. it's not something that happens in some dark room where the agencies say okay this is what the priority -- that's not what what happens. it's efforts like this and the probable testimony is translated. >> >>
about his latest documentary, -- , ken burns talks about his latest documentary, the central arc five. -- the central park five. republican senator randy paul said this week -- spoke this week at howard university. he talked about the gop's support for civil rights after the civil war, private school vouchers, drug laws and mandatory minutes from -- and mandatory minimum sentencing. you can watch sunday on c-span at 7:05 pm eastern. let orphaned at 11, she lived with her favorite uncle, james buchanan, years later, he becomes president and because he is not married, she served as white house hostess. she is the first to be called first lady on a regular basis and is so popular she sets trends in clothing and children and ships are named after her. a look at her life and her predecessor. , monday night, my deadline :00 eastern on c-span and c-span three. also on c-span radio and the network. click ken burns was the feature d speaker. fivefilm "the central park gi ." he talks about the police investigation, evidence and byonsistencies ingnored law enforcement, the media, and public at l
that were set forth in it. ~ the plan before you today for the next five years is different in a number of ways from the current itt plan. the current ict plan sets forth 10 strategic initiatives while the new plan is the next iteration of that, which really looks at the strategic goals that the city needs to move forward it in the city. ~ the last, the current also was divided by group projects by major service area such as recreation, public safety, but the new plan before you really groups them by the primary goal that they support. we added an additional project category around critical project development which i'll reference a little bit later. the existing plan was more focused on a smaller subset of city departments that were primarily responsible for most of the it spent in the city. but the plan before you today reached out to all city departments, enterprise and general fund and sought to seek what their it needs were over the next five years. so, it's much more expansive than the earlier version. the current plan had descriptions of the it, each of the initiatives that were
] costs that much and visits at emergency department cost $1,500. even five days in residential drug treatment and we're obviously supportive of that five days in treatment costs $1,500 and for one minute in supportive housing which has worked well for seniors and people with disabilities. i am here to answer any questions that you may have. on the slide you see the sites that we have and not something i can show today on powerpoint but it's for your enjoyment and show what is we're doing at lagunda honda and get them out of institutionalization and back into the community and many are seniors. >> thank you so much. i just have one quick question and i know you don't keep stats of lgbt but will your department think about that in the future and that maybe a recommendation of the committee that departments keep that data to primarily help groups like us to figure out the scope of the problem. >> we track on our applications what people orientation is but a lot of people put down decline to state. at that time they're applying for city programs, applying for housing. there are re
's five-year information and communication technology plan for fiscal year 2013-2014 through fiscal year 2017-2018 pursuant to administrative code, section 22a.6. >> thank you. and we have a member from court here. i also want to recognize i called for this hearing along with supervisor chiu. want to thank him for that. obviously focus here in terms of our budget process, also recognizing how important our technology is to improving our technology within our city and county of san francisco is to our ongoing services and operations as a city. so, i look forward to this hearing and president chiu, comments? >> thank you, colleagues. just wanted to make a couple of brief opening comments. first of all, i wanted to comment obviously sponsor this hearing not just here as a representative to coyt, but also as the author of the legislation that now requires five-year capital planning when it comes to our information technology. and i know you've heard me say this before, but there are still so many aspects of our city's i-t systems that are stuck in 1999 and we need to -- and we have needed to
'an, defines the social dimension in the islamic community. prayers- a lot- five times a day. and shortly, we'll here dr. ossie from the american islamic college describe the five times a day prayer, but this is very important. janet, jump in here, please. >> in houston smith's book, it said originally mohammed wanted the prayer 50 times a day. and moses said, i've got to talk with you- i know these people; you can't make it that many times. so they negotiated it down to five times a day. >> and a wonderful point, too, because we'll see in the mythic dimension- let's not forget our other dimensions that of course mohammed rose up, particularly in the al-aqsa mosque, he rose up from al-aqsa and went up into the seventh heaven and he spoke with moses, he spoke with jesus- these people are all invited, and we should make the point that judaism, christianity, and islam all share a great tradition. other relationship- oh, yeah, jamie, you jump in here. >> well, it's similar to what her thought was. i'm just wondering if the number five had any other special significance in the muslim religion? >>
, my deal. music dollar ante to start. five-card draw. jacks or better to open. three-raise maximum. sure you don't want to play? no, no, i'll take this time to observe the triumvirate. i will use my considerable education my years of study, not to mention... let's say it-- my god-given gift to intuit. this is the kid who used to get his head flushed in the toilet, right? all right, i call. what do you got? full boat, aces up. damn it, that's another one. i'm losing my shirt here. would somebody help me with the coffee? i'll give you a hand. come along, then. i like your accent. where are you from? manchester. where the beatles are from? oh, no, you're thinking liver then who's from manchester? no one. that's why i live here now. you've been awfully quiet there. pool. i'm sorry, dad just observing. no, no don't apologize. it was a compliment. frank's an interesting study, isn't he? temper, loner, bit unsocial. almost a stereotypical portrait of a man who spent his entire life behind bars. this dish a lalique or a steuben? they had no spots open in the prison laundry. he worked in f
say they have arrested five teenagers in connection with the shooting death of a south bay paramedic two weeks ago. that paramedic, 34-year-old quinn boyer died two days after the shooting. police say he was waiting at a stop sign in oakland hills when a car carrying the five teens pulled alongside and someone shot him in the head. two of the suspects are 14. to are 15. and one is 16 years old. prosecutors could file charges against them as early as today. >>> the investigation turns into an -- continues into an apparent act of sabotage with the pge power equipment. we have details from santa clara county. >> reporter: we're here at the pge substation on metcalf road where a command post has been set up. now, let's go to chopper 2 that is flying overhead where you can see there are pge workers that are on the ground making repairs. we also see that there are several investigators there gathering evidence investigating into what the sheriff called sabotage that took place here at the substation yesterday. at&t is offering $250,000 reward that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoe
local news except on the west coast. second round, fight scheduled for five five-minute rounds, the champion benson henderson in the white trunks. the challenger, gilbert melendez, the strike force champion in the black trunks. very even round one. to the body. ufc lightweight championship on the line here in our main event. >> joe: seen a bit of blood trickle out of the nose of the champion. from the punches of gilbert melendez. just missed. battle to the center of the octagon. that knee to the body again. >> mike: henderson trying to throw -- >> joe: this fight is really heating up nice. inside elbow by benson. >> mike: that's two elbows that landed for the champion. >> joe: gilbert with the leg again, but not able to hang on to it. >> mike: 30 seconds left in the second. picking up the pace, henderson. here in the latter part of this round. pace is changing again for benson henderson. moving forward more. >> mike: in the corner, gilbert melendez seemed more concerned after that round and benson henderson was nothing but smooth, very relaxed in his corner. we're starting to s
this is fox five news at 10:00. >> virginia father speaking fox five after i had sun was abduct by i had mother. tonight search intense face as f.b.i. gets involved. plus, see how one city getting drivers slow down decoys. >> and beautiful day today. but what can you expect for phoerpbg commute coming up look at the forecast. thank you for joining us today. >> let's take live look outside. beautiful sunny spring day change are on wait. however. fox joins us now with look at the forecast what are we expect wooing do have some change some clouds and maybe even some thunderstorms that today absolutely fabulous. in fact entire weekend was really great on this. very comfortable temperature wise. let's take look at the map wise we will begin with look at the numbers. we hit 6 degrees at reagan. 67 dullless and 64 bwi. now tonight clouds are starting roll in across the area they will continue to do so in overnight hours. we look most low cloudy skies and those clouds will be lingering through into tomorrow as well. so, it will be definitely more clouds than sunshine as we start the beg
filmmaker, will join us to talk his pbs show about the central park five. we will be right back. ♪ >> orphaned at age 11, she lived with her favorite uncle james buchanan. years later, he becomes president, and because he is unmarried, she serves as white house hostess. she is the first to be called first lady on a regular basis and is so popular that she sets trends in clothing and children and ships are named after her. meet harriet lane. we will look at her life and that of her predecessor, jane pierce, along with your questions and comments by phone, facebook, and twitter. monday night, live at 9:00 eastern. saturday, on american history tv, a chance to weigh in live on emancipation and civil rights him and the role of corporations in american life in both panels from the organization of american historians annual meeting from san francisco. it starts at nine: 30 a.m. eastern with a look at the history of the black freed me from -- movement am a followed by your questions and calls. then at noon, a debate on the role of corporations in american life. that is also followed
back with a show for you. all five presidents presidential library opening in dallas. dana per perino was there. she is going to tell us all about it next. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind. a secret hope. that thing we've always wanted to do. it's not about having dreams, it's about reaching them. ♪ an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and direction at >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel. dana perino joins us life from texas where history was made today. all five living u.s. presidents gathered together for the dedication of president george w. bush library. 5:00 in new york city. 4:00 in dallas. and this is the 5:00. -- is the five. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: it was a rare reunion the of the world's most exclusive club. bush presidential center opened on the campus of southern university. >> mr. president, let me say that i'm filled with admiration for you and deep gratitude for you about the great contributions you have made to the most needy people on ea
people here are cleaning because of the winds contents. strong winds tonighted five trees in the sunset district alone. crews spend the day removing piles of san along a highway. >>> a girl is recovering after being hit by a tree. 17-year-old girl was on break when a 17-year-old pine came down during the fast wins. i was literally getting my head after major trauma. >>> today, something that allows google executives to store their planes is being considered. they are allowing private and corporate jets on the west side of the airport and it will mostly be used by cook he'll co- founders. if agreed groundbreaking it can be stop this summer. >>> a local afghanistan official said the helicopter crashed in a field because of mechanical problems and another helicopter landed near the crash site. they are not releasing the service men and women. the country is warning people to take shelter or leave north korea because they are on the brink of a nuclear war but there is nothing to suggest that north korea is preparing for a major attack. they tell all diplomats they cannot guarantee their saf
. this is an important part. this is the second of at least five or six we are doing throughout the city. to give people the opportunity to tell us what their priorities are. and then we will work those into how we make decisions about our budget in the city. i wanted to begin by saying we are better and better each year. doesn't mean we don't have a deficit. we still have a deficit in the budget. this year coming $123 million, and the second year in the budget covering 2014/15 has $256 million deficit. we are not out of woods. but these numbers are better than $500 million and $700 million budget deficits that we used to have a few years ago. our city is doing better. we are concerned about how to fulfill that deficit. but we are also concerned about what is happening to seniors, what is happening to youth. what is happening to families. our open space. our small businesses. our environment. we are all concerned about that as well. of course i must say about our housing authority as well. so we are taking on a lot of responsibility and because we are and because we are very busy doing the work we are.
contents. strong winds tonighted five trees in the sunset district alone. crews spend the day removing piles of san along a highway. >>> a girl is recovering after being hit by a tree. 17-year-old girl was on break when a 17-year-old pine came down during the fast wins. i was literally getting my head after major trauma. >>> today, something that allows google executives to store their planes is being considered. they are allowing private and corporate jets on the west side of the airport and it will mostly be used by cook he'll co- founders. if agreed groundbreaking it can be stop this summer. >>> a local afghanistan official said the helicopter crashed in a field because of mechanical problems and another helicopter landed near the crash site. they are not releasing the service men and women. the country is warning people to take shelter or leave north korea because they are on the brink of a nuclear war but there is nothing to suggest that north korea is preparing for a major attack. they tell all diplomats they cannot guarantee their safety. >>>
roots and bringing diversity to san francisco. this new location is in the heart of district five and particular concern for us because it's a location over on pave street for a number of years now has been a blight on the neighborhood. the san francisco unified school district has granted the ownership of the building to french american international school and we believe this is an opportunity for french american international school to move forward with the community and continue to grow in san francisco. part of what we discuss on numerous occasions with french american international school is this blossoming partnership. this is part of their mou, their memorandum of understanding, which is calling for community use of the facility and access and affordability and traffic and calming measures in the neighborhood. first and foremost of importance to supervisor breed as community use for the facility. we hope to see this as a model based on the urban school close to this location. this will -- they have been a great success and a model and i know that the administrative s
in afghanistan. the 24-year-old specialist was among five americans killed when a suicide car bomb detonateed sunday. also kill was a 25-year-old state department diplomat. the family is heartbroken. >> we honor him as a soldier myself and as a brother and all the other soldiers that have done their sacrificing for the country. >> he did not fear, he said if i am going to be gone, this is my mission, this is what i have to do. i'll accepting the fact. if it happens, it happens, mom. >> he was on the second deployment after joining the army in 2007 previously serving in iraq. four other americans were killed in the explosion. >> this morning, we will learn why steel rods on the span of the bay bridge broke. caltran will address the transportation commission. caltran is expected to answer questions on whether testing protocols were followed after three dozen steel rods snapped beneath the bridge deck last month. engineering experts and a private consultant criticized caltran saying that the failure was preventable. caltran's estimates it will cost $1 million to fix the problems. the span will o
capacities. hud requires the city every five years develop what is erm impediment to housing and they finished this cycle and they have identified these for senior and disabled house holds they think are worthy of this body's review. and especially around access to tenant base rent assistance and san francisco because of the sister average agencies and ard vocating for these and we haven't done for this lgbt adult seniors and there are strukts url barriers to accessing -- to providing fair and equitable assistance to help lgbt seniors stay in their homes and i think we need to look how effectively other entities are and emulate their model and especially around the public dialogue where is the crisis in housing and who does it affect? and what is the fair and appropriate way of responding to those needs? so i'm not someone who just likes to complain. i like to complain a lot. it's my nature. but only because it's a prelude to presenting solutions, so one of the things that is absolutely critical as we have to have permanent rental subsidies that allow lgbt seniors to ag
anything. >> tony stewart restarted up in the top five unofficially finishes 18th. let's see what happens here. >> he took stewart out of the groove. >> got up underneath and pushed him up the hill and everybody went by. >> cost four or five spots here. kenseth tries to come down track. get to the back bumper. >> no harm, no foul right there. he did get into allmendinger. matt was like i'm coming through. right here he pushes kurt up out of the groove. and he gets seventh and kurt ends up ninthehind almirola. >> kurt doesn't like that and gives the 20 car a little shot. that's okay. i didn't like what you did. but that's okay. >> we know one man's happy. happy harvick. he will go to victory lane for richard childress and chevrolet. congratulations, happy harvick. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] [ male announcer ] millions of fans. one family. join the family and switch to sprint. save $100 on any phone at sprint stores and >>> tony stewart telling them to deal with it. welcome to the sprint post-race show. some people angry but kevin harvick who was seventh on the restart,
. ♪ >> is the song titled "accidental racist" accidentally racist? >>> they are known as the central park five, teens wrongfully convicted in one of new york city's most notorious crimes, simply because of their race. >> the verdicts have been set aside in their entirety. but after two decades, their case is still unresolved. filmmaker ken burns is on a crusade to change that. >> this is really about human beings not admitting a mistake. >>> those stories that you're talking about in just a moment. first, want to give you the headlines. i'm don lemon. incredible video showing a plane with a huge crack floating right in the ocean. amazingly, everyone on board survived. the 737 carrying more than 130 people overshot a runway near bali, indonesia, today. rescue crews helped get everyone out of the plane. doug was in the airport when the crash happened. >> what we're told here at the airport is shortly after 3:30 local time, this incoming plane overshot the runway while it was landing, landed off the indian ocean and split in half. amazingly, they got people out of the plane. shades of the miracle on the
. >>> and horroring courageous women. and happy anniversary to us. join us as we celebrate our five years of "andrea mitchell reports." >> some of the responsibility for the gridlock in the this town. to not being open up to the hill and not doing congressional relation vest well. >> i would argue no, but it's not worth fighting over. if they think that. >> well, i think given the inheritance we had when we came into office in this administration, we had an overwhelming imperative to restore american leadership. >> can you commit that you would release your tax returns if elected president of the united states? >> with regards to my tax returns? why time will tell. that's not something i'm planning today, but never say never. >> if you don't retake the house, have you thought about stepping down as leader? >> first of all, i premise whatever i do on winning. second of all, it's up to my caucus. >> are your campaign fortunes really tied to the success of the surge? >> oh, i think maybe that's probably the case. i wouldn't be surprised if that were a valid judgment. do you think that i should be conce
indicted these five. they being both the prosecutors and the defense, together in unison, went to a judge and asked in unison that the judge vacated convictions, which he did in a nano second. because he was no longer a predicate felon, raymond was released for time served and they were all out. the story -- the reactionary new york post plated from the prosecutor's point of view. this was a big mistake. they became the house organ for the police and the prosecutors over the next years. because it represents a gross failure on the part of all of us involved in the media, everyone --se made relatively silent. remained relatively silent. the reactionary forces defined the narrator -- narrative for the next 10 years. the following year, 2003, the five launched a civil suit against the city of new york. the city of new york has nearly $1 billion to pay for such suits. they are settled out of court more often than not. when they go to truck, things happen within a reasonable amount of time. --when they go to trial, things happen within a reasonable amount of time. things have not taken place y
the white house? martha raddatz reports. >>> hail to the chief. five american presidents, five first ladies. an emotional george w. bush at his new library. and bill clinton on mr. bush's paintings. >> those bathroom sketches were wonderful -- [ laughter ] >> and tonight diane sawyer and laura bush behind the scenes. the moment that changed it all. >>> and subway surprise. the famous singer about to stun those passengers walking through that door with a performance. you're about to see it too. ♪ >>> good evening on this thursday night. diane is on assignment. we begin with the new shock wave, what authorities believe those boston bombers were planning next. hoping to head to times square in new york. a live reminder tonight of one of the busiest tourists destinations in the world. nearly half a million people passing through the heart of new york every day. investigators say one move, one choice, might have derailed their own plan. that carjacked mercedes had little fuel in the tank. when they went to the gas station, the whole plan began to unravel. abc's chief investigative corresponden
the complex for five days. they were protesting against u.s./south korea joint military exercises. they've never stopped operations at kaesong. it's a source of much-needed foreign currency for the north. >>> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says he's heard more and more dangerous rhetoric from north korea and he hopes the leadership there will turn the volume down. the north koreans have stated they will attack u.s. targets and those of its allies. >> they have nuclear capacity now. they have missile delivery capacity now. and some of the actions they've taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interests, certainly, of our allies. >> commanders at the pentagon say they'll deploy a missile defense system to the u.s. specific territory of guam. they say they need to increase their defenses against a possible attack. state media in north korea broadcast another threat soon after hagel spoke. a spokesperson for north korea's army said they would inform the u.s. government that they have a possible nuclear strike. the statement said america's hostile
's seven lanes. two right turn lanes. you cross and wait at a small island and five lanes to get cross monterey. you're competing with the on and off traffic for the ramps. it's quite frightening. i had a small child. we stopped doing it and started driving into glen park. for a while when i walked by myself with a young dog i would take the intersection. i stopped. i have an old dog and she cannot make it and there is no center refuge or median and basically a curb and 12 inches across. it feels unsafe. it doesn't have high visibility painting and the count down signal is so small if you're the least visually impaired you could see that across the five lanes of traffic and i can't emphasize enough how unsafe this feels everyday when i take this intersection. i don't know about the statistics. i was actually told by the mta that the main problem there was that the light pole gets knocked down but i respectfully submit that i don't think that's the main problem with that intersection. thank you. >> thank you sharon. >> i am kate danfort and live at malta drive and use the cross
in their homes or provide us with the ability to transition them. maybe that's a subset five year subsidy and allows to transition them into affordable senior housing and again i can do that with the system i have built and delivered. >> thank you very much for everything that you do. >> yes and for everything and aids housing alliance has done. let's call up ross mirkarimi sheriff to talk to us and again if people can try to stay within five minutes that would help us. we only have 35 minutes left. >> by all means. >> sure. >> if you like to break in with questions. i am ross mirkarimi sheriff. thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. with the number of leaders that are here in the audience and with those within the city i was the supervisor of district five that negotiated the 55 laguna project. the units dedicated to lgbt senior housing and it was unprecedented, not just in san francisco, but in the state of california that we were able to corral the kind of advocacy and make a very strong case with the city and of course with the uc regents who owned 55 laluna, former exte
years now. activists in serious saying government troops have taken control after five days of heavy fighting. the rebels claimed the regime fighters massacred dozens of men, women, and children during their attack. they have been fierce battles elsewhere. this amateur video is sent to show clashes near aleppo in the north of the country. it's considered a strategic position that would allow the rebels to block supply routes to government forces in damascus. people of prague why have been going to the polls -- paraguay have been going to the polls. their president was ousted from office last year. both of the leading candidates have accused each other of being mired in corruption and drug trafficking. >> polling stations opened at 7:00 in the morning. many here say they hope the election will restore, to politics after months of negative campaigning -- calm to politics after months of negative campaigning. >> i hope we don't fight each other. we have to vote in a democracy. the ex-kers impeached president 10 months ago. the parties that pushed him out of office are now the parties fi
. >> how much money did it brick in yesterday? think of the golden gate bridge. five dollars a pop. all the people from marin. >> we had folks of all ages, all walks of life, and the gang members were behaving themselves, and just it's the way the world ought to be. >> it's important we do exactly what we did during halloween, and we have to make sure it doesn't happen because i'm not certain that we have the ability as a city to condone the behavior, because it's not for medical reasons. it's for recreational reasons. and so i just think we're going to have to crack down as a city because of the irresponsibility of the organizers of the event. >>> of the 25 city workers that have been working all day picking up trash, many had to be pulled on their day off and because th wa gathering with no permit, taxpayers will foot the bill, and the one big thing that gave cleanup crews a hard time were these cigar wrappers, leather all over the police, and very time consuming to pick up. >> thank you, lillian. a man who has been shot in oakland, in an upscale city neighborhood during an attempted
. mayor thomas menino says the city has developed a five-phase plan to re-open boylston street, which he says is now the most famous street in the world. i'm john lorinc reporting. >> massachusetts' governor is asking residents to observe a moment of silence monday at the time the first of two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. the one-minute silent tribute to victims is scheduled for 2:50 p.m. and will be followed by the ringing of bells in boston and elsewhere in massachusetts. it marks one week since the attacks that killed three people and wounded more than 180 others. but red sox first baseman david ortiz didn't stay silent, in fact he shared some colorful language at last nights game about the recent events. >> this is our (bleep ) city >> the words were so powerful that t-shirts are already being made with the iconic sentence on them. f-c-c chairman tweeted afterwards that he would not be fining david ortiz -- who is affectionately referred to by the people of boston as big papi. the chairman added that ortiz spoke from the heart. saying that the f-c-c sta
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